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Snake and Wave | Follow Trend Strategies

Snake and the Wave follow trend strategies

Snake and Wave is a forex strategies follow trend Time Frame : 5M or higher (work best 4H). Currency pairs : All pairs. Metatrader Indicators : Magnified Market Price.ex4 PriceChannel_Stop_v1.2.ex4 SHI_SilverTrendSig.ex4 (to show the top or bottom of price movement) SnakeBorders.ex4 (In snakeborders, red color indicate pressure of downtrend, blue color indicates pressure of uptrend, […]

Simple Trend Forex Profitable

Simple Trend Forex Profitable Sell

Simple Trend Forex Profitable is a forex strategy follow trend. This strategy can be used for scalping and binary system. Time Frame : M5 – M15 – M30 Pair : All Pairs, recommended major Metatrader Indicator : #TTF_Trend_trial.ex4 IINWMARROWS alert.ex4 NonLag ma nrp & mtf + alerts.ex4 RaitisJMARibbon.ex4 Template : @winforex.net-Simple Trend Forex Profitable Rule […]

Strategy Forex ProFX2

strategy forex follow trend

Trading strategy ProFX2 is a strategy forex follow trend, visually understandable and easy to use, so start trading on it will even novices to learn the rules. The risks are very low. Timeframe : M30 or higher Type of strategy : Trend Platform : Metatrader4 Currency pairs : GBPUSD Trading Time : Round the clock, […]

Forex Profitable Strategy

Forex profitable strategy is a strategy forex follow trend Time Frame : 15M or higher Currency Pairs : All Pair Metatrader Indicator : ProfitableStrategy_1 ProfitableStrategy_2 ProfitableStrategy_3 ProfitableStrategy_4 ProfitableStrategy_5 ProfitableStrategy_6 ProfitableStrategy_7 ProfitableStrategy_8 ProfitableStrategy_9 ProfitableStrategy_10 ProfitableStrategy_11 ProfitableStrategy_12 ProfitableStrategy_13 ProfitableStrategy_14 ProfitableStrategy_15 ProfitableStrategy_16 Rule for entry BUY and SELL : 1. The signal must match the arrow vertically from […]

4H Trading by Xard777

strategy forex follow trend

  4H Trading by Xard777 is a strategy forex follow trend. Time frame : 4H Currency Pairs : All Pair. Metatrader Indicators : X Candles, XMA v.2, RSIOMA. Entry rules 4H Trading by Xard777 : Entry Buy : Only trades buy trades when the trend line is blue and place stops at the previous day’s […]

Forex Jam

strategy forex

Forex Jam is a forex strategies following trend Time Frame : 15 M or higher Currency pairs : All pairs Metatrader indicators: Volty Channel stop Vh QQE alert MTF v.5 QQF MACD Price TTF filter Rule for entry : Buy : MACD Blue, Filter Blue, QQE cros upward, volty vhannel blue, filter blue. Sell : […]

Strategy Forex Cycle Krofur

Strategy forex follow trend

Strategy Forex Cycle Krofur is a strategy forex combines a cycle indicator with trendline that determinates the direction of the price. Pairs : All pairs Time Frame : 1H or higher Metatrader Indicators: Fast TMA line : TMA period 56, ATR multiplier 2.5, ATR period 100, show alerts true. 1. Fast TMA line : TMA […]

Gold Vein Forex Strategies

Gold Vein is a Forex Strategies following trend. Time Frame : 15M or higher Pairs : All pairs Metatrader Indicators : easy-forex-system alias carmen eyes indicator (expand rate: 35, 50, 65, trend indicator) Fischer Joker (21 period) Fishrer joker (13 period) Smfischer Transform (8 period) Gold Vein ( trend period 50 this indicator is similar at […]

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