Strategy Forex Touchline

Strategy Forex Touchline is a strategy forex following trend
Time frame : 15 minutes or more
Pairs    : All pairs

strategy forex follow trend
Strategy Forex Touchline

When all 3 indicator turn blue and near a support line then Buy 2(x)lots, fist target next line, second target, second next line, initial SL under support line or under SWP, and if target1 is hit, then SL to be do opposite for sell.

Fibo pivot
standard Daily pivot and (s1 to s5) & (r1 to r5) are fibo settings off the previous Day’s range (high-low) added/subtracted to the Daily pivot.

They are just simple Fibonacci settings as you can see here from the code…
double R = yesterday_high – yesterday_low;//range
double p = (yesterday_high + yesterday_low + yesterday_close)/3;// Standard Pivot
double r5 = p + (R * 1.618);
double r4 = p + (R * 1.382);//possibly replace with p + (R * 1.272);
double r3 = p + (R * 1.000);
double r2 = p + (R * 0.618);//keep
double r1 = p + (R * 0.382);//keep
double s1 = p – (R * 0.382);//keep
double s2 = p – (R * 0.618);//keep
double s3 = p – (R * 1.000);//keep
double s4 = p – (R * 1.382);//possibly replace with p – (R * 1.272);
double s5 = p – (R * 1.618).

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