Strategy Forex ProFX2

strategy forex follow trend

strategy forex follow trend

Trading strategy ProFX2 is a strategy forex follow trend, visually understandable and easy to use, so start trading on it will even novices to learn the rules. The risks are very low.
Timeframe : M30 or higher
Type of strategy : Trend
Platform : Metatrader4
Currency pairs : GBPUSD
Trading Time : Round the clock, except the Asian session

Rules for entry :

1. The basic rule system – open positions only on the condition that all indicators point in the same direction. In this case better to trade during European or U.S. session (because the trade is conducted on a pair GBPUSD – the impact of the Asian session will be minor and strong movements in this period on the pound almost never happens, so do not trade the Asian session!)
2. The developers recommend only trade in the direction of a larger trend that we observe in the timeframe H4. It is worth noting that it is often good movement on the M30 also occur against the trend and H4, and especially at the end of the trend H4, therefore – this condition is to choose from a trader
3. Check the economic calendar (red label opposite currency GBP and USD) and not trade for 30 minutes before and after the release of important news. During this period, the market may be highly unstable, so it is better to be here out of the market!

Rules for Stop Loss:

1. Set Stop Loss at the last significant support/resistance level
2. Always install a real Stop Loss at the opening of the trade!
3. Never install a stop-loss above 100 points. Average stop-loss points 30-70

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Rules to exit a trade:

1. Close trade if profit pair GBPUSD is 100 points
2. Close the trade, if the signal is reversed
3. Close the trade when important news
4. Close the trade at the end of U.S. session

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