NRP Trading System (Trend Following Strategy)

NRP Trading System is a trend following strategy based on trending indicators. This is a combination of filters.
Time Frame : 30 M or higher.
Currency pairs : majors.

NRP Trading System | Trend Following Strategy
NRP Trading System

Metatrader Indicators :
NRP arrow
Hiper Fractal
Heiken Ashi
FR Trend
FDM Buy Sell Pressure
Trix Kids defaul setting

Template :
nrp system.tpl

Rules NRP Trading System :
Buy :
When appears the NRP buy arrow wait these conditions for entry market:
Fr Trend line aqua color,
Heiken Ashi aqua color,
FR Trend aqua color,
Trix Kids green lines.

Sell :
When appears the NRP sell arrow wait these conditions for entry market:
Fr Trend line brown color,
Heiken Ashi brown color,
FR Trend brown color,
Trix Kids red lines.

Exit position with profit target predetermined or make profit with ratio 1:1.2 , initial stop loss on the previous swing.

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