Color Entry Forex Strategy (Trend Following Forex Strategy)

Color Entry Forex Strategy is a trend following forex strategies.
Time Frame : 15 min or higher
Currency pairs : All pairs

Color Entry Forex Strategy | Trend Following Strategy
Color Entry Forex Strategy

Metatrader Indicators :
FX Sniper’s MA
Trade What You See

Template :
Color Entry Forex Strategy.tpl

Rules Color Entry Forex Strategy :
First step is to identify the trend. Next step is to make sure that current indicators in the same color. Only then, we can safely open a trade.
Sell :
FX Sniper’s MA indicator crimson color
VQ_bars indicator crimson color
HalfTrend-1.02 indicator crimson color and arrow down
Trade What You See indicator crimson color
CCI_Histogram indicator crimson color
Advanced_ADX indicator crimson color
Fisher_no_repainting indicator crimson color

Buy :
FX Sniper’s MA indicator green color
VQ_bars indicator green color
HalfTrend-1.02 indicator green color
Trade What You See indicator green color and arrow up
CCI_Histogram indicator green color
Advanced_ADX indicator green color
Fisher_no_repainting indicator green color

Note : Don’t forget to use Take Profit and Stop Loss

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