FXPRIMUS | Affiliates Program

FXPRIMUS Affiliates Program

Available to :

All clients

Duration :

All year 2015

How to get :

Contact them by filling out the form online and follow further instructions

Offer :

Become a partners either as an Affiliate, Introducing brokers. In any case, get commissions for lots traded by referred clients

How Much Can You Earn?

Example #1: You refer 20 clients
For the first 20 clients you refer, you earn USD2.50 for each standard lot round turn trade (RTT) your clients make. If these clients trade an industry-standard 15 standard lots per month, this translates to:

“20 customers x 15 round turn trades/client = 300 RTT per month So you make 300 RTT x USD2.50 per RTT =  USD750 per month in commission”

Example #2: You refer 100 customers
Once you refer more than 20 clients, we double your commission to USD5.00 per standard lot round trip trade (RTT). If you refer 100 clients:

  • For the first 20, you earn USD2.50 per RTT
    20 clients x 15 round turn trades/client = 300 RTT per month
    300 RTT per month x USD2.50 per RTT = USD750 per month in commission
  • For the first 80, you earn USD5.00 per RTT
    80 clients x 15 round turn trades/client = 1,200 RTT per month
    1,200 RTT per month x USD5.00 per RTT = USD6,000 per month in commission

So your total commission on the trading activity for all 100 customers is:
USD750 + USD6,000 = USD6,750 per month in commission

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FXPRIMUS Affiliates Program

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