Download Tutorial Winforex.Net

Here are the steps download file from :
Share Facebook :
(Internet Explorer)
1. Press share facebook

tutorial download

2. A popup window will appear on your browser and press ‘Allow’

Popup Internet Explorer
Pop-up Display

3. After being pressured “allow” button in the notification popup will appear as below

Popup Notification
IE Pop-up

4. Press the facebook share button for the second time

tutorial download
2nd Press Share Button

5. Press the button “Post to Facebook

share to facebook
share to facebook

6. After share links to facebook, the download link will appear as below

Download Link
Download Link


Note : To download the files on other browsers like firefox, chrome, do the same with the above steps, find the notification pop-ups and press the “allow”


Share G+ –> :┬áPress G+ Button

Share Twitter –> Press Twitter Button