S-Stoch Trend Renko Trading

strategy forex use renko chart

S-Stoch Trend Renko Trading

S-Stoch Trend Renko trading is a price action strategy that you can also use for trading on Binary Options. Open Renko chart to see link below.
Box Size 5 or more.
Currency Pair : All pairs

MT4 Indicator
Fischer indicator,
Order Balance,
Renko live chart 2.1 or higher,
S-Stoch Trend,
Zig Zag Larsen.

Rules S-Stoch Trend Renko Trading

S-Stoch Trend crosses upward,
Fischer green bar,
Zig Zag Larsen buy arrow.

S-Stoch Trend crosses downward,
Fischer red bar,
Zig Zag Larsen sell arrow.

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